Monday, January 19, 2015

Here's Why

Do you know the one missing ingredient in the discussion of health and nutrition? There is one side of this discussion that is avoided by experts and diet doctors alike. What’s missing is common sense.

There are some common themes that ring out whenever the subject of nutrition and health come up. These themes include eating healthy, getting healthy, avoiding obesity, losing weight and on it goes. Every diet plan and prescription hinges on these ideas in some way.

The common sense questions that I think of when this subject is raised are what does it really mean to eat healthy and who defines it? What does it mean to be healthy and isn’t that different for different people. Is everyone supposed to weight the same and is there no variability between people? Also why do most who lose weight end up gaining it back and then some?

These questions have come from observations I have made through the years working in the food and nutrition arena. Such questions stand in stark contrast to what passes for modern expertise on the subject of health and nutrition.

The diet industry with all of its celebrity experts in cahoots with the government/medical/nutrition complex promote and publish lots of opinion pertaining to healthy eating. Most of what is promoted as truth in this arena amounts only to conjecture on the part of experts seemingly aiming to preserve and promote themselves.

That is the reason for the Eating Right blog because nutrition and health information should be based on the truth not opinion. Also because the establishment needs to be challenged on the assumptions it makes regarding our health.

Therefore Eating Right will hopefully be a regular stop on your daily web travels a stop that heralds common sense truth and exposes the darkness of error to the light.  

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